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Dr. John Smith

Welcome to the Emerald City School District.  We have designed this website to be a window to our school district. Whether this is the 1st, 10th or 100th time you’ve visited our website, we hope you will learn more about us each time.


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Dr. Blake T. Bradley
Image for Dr. Blake T. Bradley
President - District 1
Phone: (678) 534-5345

While Dr. Blake T Bradley never earned a living as a classroom teacher, from his days as a history education major at Auburn University Montgomery, Mr. Bradley has been working to help children learn.

“I understand the importance of a good education as the foundation for being successful,” said Mr. Bradley. “It is more critical now than at any other point in our history. The competition is stiffer for jobs and our students are competing not just against others from Alabama, but from all over the world for the best opportunities.”

Mr. Bradley has been a successful businessman for many years as well as serving as the mayor of Union Springs, Alabama. But with each step, he has worked with young people to ensure they understand the importance of education. For the past two decades he has been involved with the People to People Student Ambassador Program.

“This is an incredible program that gives middle and high school students the opportunity to travel to other countries and see what life is like outside of America,” said Mr. Bradley. “These students come back with the experience of a lifetime and a new appreciation for their lives in the United States.”

As Union Springs’ mayor, Mr. Bradley worked with Tuskegee University and other groups to implement a very successful summer program for students. He is a district leader in the Lion’s Club and is very active with their work to help children who suffer from eye diseases. He is also a member of the board of the Southeastern Diabetes Education Association and their summer camp for children with diabetes.

“I am a product of Montgomery Public Schools and when the opportunity came to run for the school board, I felt this was where I needed to be. We need to help students understand the value of an education and ensure that our schools are providing the proper foundation so our young adults are prepared for life.”


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